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ACL Discussion List

General lnformation:

It is the desire of the ACL Board that the list be an online medium to facilitate communication
between ACL members to encourage professional development and to promote a caring
  • The list is to remain un-moderated to provide freedom for open discussion and to avoid additional expense and staff time required to moderate the discussion list.
  • In the event that a posting to the discussion list offends you, please contact the individual posting the offending message directly off-list. (Matt. 18:15)
  • lf you prefer to have all messages come to you in one daily email, select the"Digest" option of delivery.
Thank you for your efforts in maintaining an online environment that is a place of professional,
charitable communication for ACL members. Please follow the guidelines below.
  1. Foster robust, edifying discussions about library-related topics keeping in mind that we
    are all image bearers of God. Members represent a variety of Christian traditions. In your
    conversations, recognize the Christ in all of us.
  2. Consider with grace viewpoints other than your own. Civil discourse in the spirit of
    Philippians 2:3-5 is expected.
  3. The ACL discussion list serves to fulfill the mission of the association. It is not to be
    utilized for personal profit.
  4. Avoid comments related to non-library controversial issues, such as doctrinal issues
    and/or denominational differences.
Professional Email Etiquette:
  1. Please do not use all CAPS.
  2. Clearly and specifically state the subject of your email within the subject line.
  3. Be concise.
  4. Close your message with your name and contact information.
  5. Unless it is necessary to reply to the whole list, send your replies to the sender only.
  6. Use “Reply All” when your reply is intended for the edification of the whole
  7. Move discussions off-list if they do not pertain to the whole group.
  8. Limit attachments to individual off-list messages.
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